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  1. in vSphere client, select a virtual machine
  2. right-click the name of the virtual machine and select "Edit Settings" to display the Virtual Machine Properties pane
  3. click Add to display the "Add Hardware" wizard
  4. in the "Add Hardware" wizard select "Hard Disk for the Device Type", and click "Next"
  5. in the "Disk" section of the "Select a Disk" page, select "Create a new virtual disk"
    1. set disk size to 5 GB
    2. select the "Support clustering features such as Fault Tolerance" check box, and select CRS1 to specify a datastore. Also, for vSphere 5, in the Disk Provisioning section select Thick Provision Eager Zeroed.
    3. click Next.
  6. on the "Compatibility Mode" page, click "Next".
  7. on the "Advanced Options" page, in the "Virtual Device Node" section, select SCSI (1:0).
  8. in the "Mode" section, select "Independent". Click Next.
  9. on the "Ready to Complete" page, click "Finish".
  10. click "OK".

File__vmware parameter.png

delete it from machine

move the new hard disks .vdmk files to shared directory on datastore


After renaming them, the .vmdk file has to be edited to point to the new #flat.vmdk file.

File__Vi vdmk.png

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change the line following "# Extent description" to reflect the new name of the flat file.


  1. in vSphere Client, select a virtual machine
  2. right-click the name of the virtual machine and select E"dit Settings" to display the "Virtual Machine Properties" pane
  3. click the "Options" tab, click "Advanced", and click "General"
  4. click "Configuration Parameters"
  5. on the "Configuration Parameters" page, add rows and entries for the shared disks in the virtual machine's configuration parameters:
    1. set "multi-writer"
  6. repeat steps 1 through 5 for each of the remaining virtual machines

File__Vmware parameters scsi writer.png


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Install guest OS

  • attach CDROM
  • install guest OS

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