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OWB Repository Install on RAC using OMBPlus

There are few documents on MOS to check if OWB is installed correctly on RAC and Exadata (Doc ID 455999.1) and how to install an Warehouse Builder Repository on RAC (Doc ID 459961.1).

To install the OWB repository on RAC using OMBPlus, the steps are:

  1. Database preparation
  2. Repository installation on the first node
  3. Copy of the file on all nodes
  4. Registration of all the other nodes
  5. Check the installation

Step 1: Database preparation

UNIQUE Service Name
Make sure that EACH Node in the RAC has a UNIQUE service_name. If this is not the case, then add a unique service_name with the following command:

srvctl add service -d dbname -s instn -r instn

The resulting service name is instn.clusterdomainname. For example, if the instance name is racsrvc1,then the service name could be

"srvctl" can be used to manage the RAC services:

srvctl status service -d <db> -s <service-name>

Details are described in the OWB Installation Guide:
Paragraph "Ensuring the Availability of Service Names for Oracle RAC Nodes"

LISTENER Configuration

Make sure that EACH Node has the LISTENER configured correctly. The listener on each Node should be able to manage connections to the unique database service of each Node.

Step 2: repository installation on the first node

We assume that RAC has 2 Nodes: NODE1 and NODE2, the database instance is setup and the OWB software has been installed on all Nodes of the RAC.

Start the OMBPlus shell on the primary node say Node 1 from <OWB_HOME>/owb/bin/unix/

Execute the following command

OWB repository seeding completed.
OMB+> exit

Step 3: copy of the file on all nodes

During repository seeding, a file is created/updated on Node 1 at location <OWB_HOME>\ owb\bin\admin directory. This file should be copied to all RAC Nodes to the same location. In this case to Node 2 at <OWB_HOME>\ owb\bin\admin.

Step 4: Registration of all the other nodes

After repository installation, all RAC Nodes should be registered. This to enable the OWB Runtime Service to fail over to one of the other Nodes when required (e.g. because of a node crash). This registration process consists of an update in tables OWBRTPS and WB_RT_SERVICE_NODES. These tables will be updated with Node specific details like the Oracle_Home where the OWB software has been installed on the Node and and host, port, service connection details for the instance running on the Node.

RAC instance has beeb registered.

Step 5: Check installation

Check the owb home values in the following tables are correct.

Select * from owbsys.owbrtps
Select * from owbsys.wb_rt_service_nodes.

Connect as the OWBSYS to the unique service net_service on each node and execute the script located in the <OWB_HOME>\ owb\rtp\sql directory

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

If the service is not available start the service using the following script


Your installation of the OWB repository is now complete.

You can also use the following OMBplus commands to create a OWB WORKSPACE and workspace owner.

In SQL*Plus as sysdba

create user WORKSPACE_OWNER identified by PASSWORD;
grant resource, connect to WORKSPACE_OWNER;
grant create session to WORKSPACE_OWNER;

In OMBPlus

Workspace has been created.
OMB+> exit

Based on blog post: By Anil Menon on Mar 07, 2013