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How to disable smartcard requirement in specified Sun Ray terminals 

Usually, Sun Ray servers are configured so on all Sun Ray terminals (DTUs) require a Smart Card for any user to access their desktops.

This can be disabled for specific DTUs, like soft clients, e.g. iPad's.

  • First, set up a policy to allow non-smartcard access for registered tokens
vdi1 # /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utpolicy -a -m -r both -u both -k both -g
  • Now, register a pseudo-token for any soft client. The generated pseudo tokens can be seen in the session view of the GUI or in /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages.
  • Copy the string that starts with pseudo and navigate to Tokens / New. Paste the pseudo token and enter a username.

See also: Create exceptions for non-smartcard sun ray logins