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Loopback Info Exchange Wiki Ex-Landing Page

This page was the entry page of the old Loopback Info Exchange Wiki meant to share knowledge of system administration in general and Oracle database administration in particular between individual consultants and freelancers.

This wiki has been replaced by our internal Confluence Knowledge Base page: Loopback.ORG Knowledge Base Main Page

The new wiki is closed for public comment, but you are welcome to continue using it without any restrictions. We have tried to keep all deep links to the old wiki, and we are committed to keep this content visible. The reason for this step is just to save us the work to maintain two different wikis for external and internal information, and it is based on fact that we see a lot of reading activity for this wiki, but close to none public contributions.

We wish to thank all users of the Loopback Info Exchange Wiki for their usage. Our wiki pages generate a lot of traffic and we are glad to be helpful. In case you experience any trouble with the new wiki, please let us know.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You may continue to use it freely both individually an commercially as long as you name the source.

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